Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wait!! Before I show you pictures of Puerto Rico.....

I have to show some pictures of one other place we visited a week ago on our way back from Columbia, Missouri. Can you guess what city it is?

Have you guessed yet?
Okay, I'll just give it away!
We decided to spend a night in Memphis on our way back to Atlanta. Wow, what a fun town! We split a hotel room--check out the view.

We unpacked furiously, and ran around the hotel looking at all our cool amenities..

Travelers in hand, we are ready to hit the town.

We decided to get some grub first. I got the gumbo and some stuffed mushrooms....and I just want you to appreciate how enormous this beer is! I think it was a 32 oz pour?
Tavo and Jerome both settled on the ribs.
We paid homage to the Funkiest Chicken in the South.
Talked our way into a carriage ride--notice our buddy chose to sit up front :)

Next day, we hit up Stax Museum. Great museum--everything from Otis Redding's guitar to Isaac Hayes' Cadillac.
Then we went to the National Civil Rights museum. This is interesting--this lady has been boycotting the museum for over 21 years.
Very melancholy, yet uplifting as well. These photos are from the night before, we came back the next morning for the full tour.

On the way home, we found Dr. Pepper made with cane sugar, as opposed to corn syrup. Everyone had a swig.

We'll post the Puerto Rico pictures in a couple days. I'll come clean here--I forgot to bring the digital camera to PR. So...we have a couple disposable point and clicks that are currently being developed. Regardless, it was a fantastic birthday trip :)


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Woah, cool, lit-up wheels!

snowelf said...

I love seeing your trip pics! And that protesting woman...wow. 21 years? And I've never taken a carriage ride--let alone one that is all lit up like that. Looks like you guys had a blast! Or was it just the giant beer? ;) (Now I'm craving stuffed mushrooms too!! Yummy! )


Jenn said...

I've always wanted to visit Memphis. Such an awesome history in that city.
Looks like a fun time. btw...I want to try some of that Dr Pepper. It's my favorite drink of all time.

doggybloggy said...

fun - and at first I thought you were going to say you stopped in New Orleans - but hey Memphis is a winner...looks like fun

TavoLini said...

CCV--The carriage was definitely bright!!

Snow--I'd never taken a ride in the carriages before, either. Honestly, it was really fun :)

Jenn--it was a great time! I can check the Mexican store in my neighborhood and see if they have similar Dr. Pepper--I know they have coca cola...

Doggy--whoa, New Orleans would have required a massive detour--but would have been quite excellent :)