Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're drowning in squash casserole, stuffing, twice baked potatoes, salad and a chicken. Let's share..

(saw Arrested Development play a free show at Turner Field last year--they continue to be relevant and super fun)

I'll be honest--both of us are very apprehensive of religion as a whole, so here is a link to the local food bank that works with groups from all backgrounds.

Atlanta Community Food Bank

It's on the west side--I have worked with them through Whole Foods--it is a fantastic organization.

Please give to your community this season.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sometimes it really is just Lentils and Rice

So, we are eating at home. On a budget. Yet, this is one of our favorite meals on the cheap and easy.

Lentils, boiled for 25 minutes, then added to sauteed onion, garlic, biryani paste (our house still has a very ....distinct smell) and a can of whole tomatoes, crushed by hand. Continue cooking until lentils are done--the amount of time depends on the age of the beans.

We then cracked a couple eggs into the lentils, covered and cooked until set. Serve over brown rice.

Still using the phone camera--my sincere apologies.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Decadent weekend--La Fonda, Harper Station and Fontaine's

Last weekend, it was absolutely gorgeous out. Mid 70's, sunny, and all we wanted to do was walk around Atlanta....and eat out at restaurants.

Friday, we went to La Fonda because we could easily eat there every single day and not get tired of it. Tavo got the sandwich he always gets, and I went for the grilled vegetables. Yum--both of us had leftovers, too. (sorry for dark photos--these are all from the phone..)

On Saturday, we walked through Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown, and went to the newly opened H. Harper Station. This used to be the Depot, which we enjoyed, so I'm glad a new restaurant opened here. To be honest, its a little higher end than we normally frequent, but the food was fantastic. Tavo had the Beltline burger and tator tots (he said the burger was perfectly cooked!) which had bbq pork, pickles, onions, arugula and cheddar on it.

I had his side of Turnpike Grits with Crab. Oh yum! I also had a glass of Gruner Veltliner--to go with the crab, you know. Overall, we were really impressed. H. Harper station just opened last week so stop by and give it a try. If you are into cocktails /liquors, this is where the restaurant truly shines. The list is exhaustive.

On Sunday, we did appetizers at Fontaine's. This used to be a Sunday regular, but they switched the half price appetizer day on us. Boo! Oh well, they had beer specials and a bloody mary special, so one can't complain. Tavo got the fried rice, andouille and pepperoni balls which he said were good, but a bit intense to eat all by yourself. I got the blackened shrimp and scallops--I had no problem eating them by myself. In fact they were so good that I ate them all and forgot to take a picture :)

So, next week we'll try to cook a bit at home. Isn't it fun to go out, though?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pho for lunch

I have been cuckoo about this place for a while--if any of you happen to work out by South Cobb, try it out. It's a little mom and pop shop / grocery store that is seriously only staffed by 3 people. Amazing!

Other than eating pho, I haven't been doing much but reading. Tavo and I are planning a new project soon, though...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

slow day at the library

So I drew the library fish.