Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hi guys--hope everyone had a happy new year!

We've been dealing with plumbing issues for the last month--pipes freezing, sewage backed up, all sorts of fun stuff. The good thing is, City of Atlanta is now out front replacing our 100 year old sewage pipes. Hooray! Here are some pics. Additionally, a HUGE branch from the dying tree fell. Amazingly--no one was hurt and it didn't hit our house. Scary, though! We actually have an appt to get this tree removed next week--but I guess it was ready to go NOW!

Tearing up the street to access the sewer--the old ceramic pipes are completely choked with tree roots. So, none of our water is draining. You can imagine this is slightly inconvenient ;) Luckily, I think things are going to be just fine.

Over Christmas, we went to Michigan to visit the family. Here we are in my sister's new house, playing a very serious game of dinosaur euchre.

I think its my new favorite card game. Notice the homemade cards, no less! Nice save, Lindsey!

Happy 2011!