Monday, April 27, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You'd think it would be something more exciting than spaghetti...

That's all I really had enough ingredients to make right off hand--and even some of those were questionable.
Broccoli, onion, garlic, pimentos and some tomato paste--pasta is great because pretty much everything will work with it.

Tavo was doing yard work--doesn't he look handsome?

blurry and handsome :)

Parties and the.....STOVE!

This weekend, my best friend from college came to town! (and I managed to not get ANY good pictures of her) Here's a happy, albeit blurry, shot.
Em and Nat, Ceramics girls! Matching t-shirts, too ;)
Party pics on a rainy night

Other exciting news....
The new oven is here!
wiring fun.
I'm not sure what Tavo is doing here, but he seems to be quite happy about it..
A man and his pelts--Jerome gathering materials for his next art project.
Everyone is enthralled by the oven!
Notice that extra cord on top. That one did not fit. We discovered this after wiring it.
cookies, sans cookie sheet
sandwich and burrito
Guys, once again, I think this is going to become a food blog. We're going grocery shopping tonight!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Interesting features of The House of Tavolini

These are some interesting things found around our house over the course of the last couple months.

everyone has seen the car...but have you seen the people who visit the car (there are multiple)
Patriotic people, apparently.
Additions--these are even more apparent inside, as the ceiling goes from 12 feet down to just over 6 feet in the back room.
Fireworks from Turner Field--this is actually really super cool.
We're hopefully doing a mosaic tomorrow!

Friday, April 17, 2009

it's all in progress...

I don't have any completed projects to share with you guys, but everything is in progress and the end is in sight!

First things first--the kitchen floor that caused great amounts of strife--all tiles have been cut (hooray Tavo!) and grouted (hooray Lini!) This picture still shows the grout haze.

You know what this means, right? We can FINALLY put in our stove. Sandwich days are coming to an end...well, not forever. It will be nice to have other culinary options, though!

A screen door for the front--we purchased the wooden one and have been slowly and painstakingly painting all sorts of cool accents on it. First coat of "Golden Buff"
I insisted on more victorian frou frou. Here's the first coat of brown.
Herb garden!

The little orange house.
We're going to plant some more flowers in the front. Like my gardening pad? Custom designed by Mr. Tavo.
Enjoying a fine beverage in our garden ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

See's Chocolates

We had recently entered a contest posted on Susan's blog, Food Blogga and won a $25 gift certificate for See's Candies! Hooray! Neither of us had ever heard of See's--I assume this is because they are out of California and aren't often found in Georgia.

So, a big thank you to Susan and See's Candies--they were delicious! If you haven't had a chance to check out Food Blogga, give it a gander. Susan also does articles for National Public Radio--our favorite radio station.

Without further ado, here are the photos. We received the chocolates a couple days ago with some Netflix--perfect!

We, well, I chose the custom mix pack and it was heavily biased towards dark chocolate and nuts, my personal faves.

We couldn't give up work completely. I became quite frustrated with the tile cutter after destroying 4-5 tiles and a good hour of grumbling. Do any of you have suggestions on better ways to cut tile?

Tavo found and installed a great medicine cabinet.

He also put up some lights on our fence.

All right, enough work. Let's pull out the chocolates! Our friend JP was on hand to help taste test...

Tavo is extremely excited about chocolates.

We headed over to JP and his wife, Jessica's house to admire their new fence. Also, to eat more chocolates.

Jessica's dad came all the way from Tennessee to try these chocolates! (and help paint the house)

Jessica, contemplating the flavor balance.

Poor Sandy--no chocolates for you! I do dig your fine haircut, though ;)

Chocolates, after 2 hours

Oh, sure, I'll just have one more...

Decision is made. These chocolates are DELICIOUS!

Thank you Food Blogga and See's Candies!

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