Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome 2009!

This is one of my favorite Jill Scott songs--this is for Tavo. Babe, you have me fairly...smitten. Here's to 2009!

Happy New Year! We just had a glass of (pink!) champagne and watched the fireworks over the capital from our front porch (at the red house). You can see all of downtown during the winter. Here's what we did today--over at the new house:

We'll show you what the stars are for tomorrow.

One more--Although I adore Erykah Badu, if you can find the version of this song sung with Jill Scott and the Roots from "The Roots Come Alive" it is well worth your time. This one goes out to my Tavo.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hello everyone! Guess what? We received a new, fantastic camera for Christmas. Pretty similar to the one we used to have before thieves took it, but with more bells and whistles. Help me figure out which cuisine setting is ideal.. This is our Christmas breakfast that we brought--"everything" bagels with cream cheese, lox and tomatoes.

But more important than bagels...we went to the beach! Here is the Lini family, chilling at Hilton Head Island.

Wait a sec... there are no seagulls in the Lini family...

No restaurants were open on the 25th, so we ended up having sandwiches for Christmas dinner. Nothing could have tasted better.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Presents, Lights and Chicago

We received a gift in the mail from Doggybloggy! Some popcorn and chile! We put the chile to use immediately.
Veggie fajitas with coleslaw
Meanwhile, we'd been informed by our neighbors that we should think about putting up some lights. (we were the only house on our street that didn't have any up!) So, the brave Tavo clambered up on our very high, very steep roof and we kept up with the Jones's

I went to Chicago this weekend for my friend's birthday. Once we got to the airport, I realized I'd forgotten my driver's license. Tavo quickly drove home, grabbed it for me, and drove back. Thanks babe! I made the flight with time to spare.
Blurry Chicago!
The view from our hotel was amazing...
The inside was cool, too. There were cookies and coffee set out 24 hours a day in the lobby. Yum.
Lake Michigan and the zoo. Mostly frozen lake!

We went to Stanley's for brunch
and for their bloody mary bar

Then we went to the thrift store to find some hot clothes for the evening
Em and I LOOOOOOOOVED the thrift store! This has been a hobby of ours for more than 10 years.
Went to California Clippers to see a band play--Dan Whitaker and the Shinebenders. Good dancing music!
and I'm back home to celebrate Christmas with Tavo and the family. An interesting side note--the homeless man who lives behind my work decorated his tree, too.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tavo cooks for the guys

Well, you think after being with Lini for a few years I would have picked up a thing or two about the kitchen. Usually though, I trade washing dishes(or at least promising to) to enjoy the magic meals this woman makes at that stove.
So I was in a tight spot when hanging out this weekend;because although we had beer, guitars, old hip-hop YouTube videos, 1690 AM and good convo- we didn't have her(she is in chicago).
So I took the reigns and tried my hand at the stove. I didn't know what I would cook, but I knew it would probably involve a can. Or not? Luckily, Lini had put a few burgers(pre-seasoned and sectioned-LOVE that woman!!) in the freezer. I tossed them directly on the hot grease. BAD IDEA, btw.
But when they finally forcibly thawed, I kept flipping them and got the heat going well on 'em. Popped the Pizza Pal in the oven and realized i was going to make an amazing hamburger pizza with HUGE hamburger chunks.ROCK ON.

Just as i thought I was a culinary god, I realized my buddy A is a vegetarian. OOPs. He was cool about it, there was no way I was going to not test my quick kitchen reflexes, I mean-I WAS ON A ROLL.
So what can you feed a vegetarian in 20 seconds flat? Dinner's served, bitches.
It was a hit!
Happy Holidays everyone, may your friends and family all be healthy, happy and...... hell, that's all you can ask.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

okay--we're probably crazy....

Check out the new digs.

A house full of potential projects in a pretty decent (well, somewhat decent) neighborhood. 14K well spent? We think so. We'll keep you updated!