Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tavo cooks for the guys

Well, you think after being with Lini for a few years I would have picked up a thing or two about the kitchen. Usually though, I trade washing dishes(or at least promising to) to enjoy the magic meals this woman makes at that stove.
So I was in a tight spot when hanging out this weekend;because although we had beer, guitars, old hip-hop YouTube videos, 1690 AM and good convo- we didn't have her(she is in chicago).
So I took the reigns and tried my hand at the stove. I didn't know what I would cook, but I knew it would probably involve a can. Or not? Luckily, Lini had put a few burgers(pre-seasoned and sectioned-LOVE that woman!!) in the freezer. I tossed them directly on the hot grease. BAD IDEA, btw.
But when they finally forcibly thawed, I kept flipping them and got the heat going well on 'em. Popped the Pizza Pal in the oven and realized i was going to make an amazing hamburger pizza with HUGE hamburger chunks.ROCK ON.

Just as i thought I was a culinary god, I realized my buddy A is a vegetarian. OOPs. He was cool about it, there was no way I was going to not test my quick kitchen reflexes, I mean-I WAS ON A ROLL.
So what can you feed a vegetarian in 20 seconds flat? Dinner's served, bitches.
It was a hit!
Happy Holidays everyone, may your friends and family all be healthy, happy and...... hell, that's all you can ask.


TavoLini said...

hahahaha--I love the hyper links, Tavo! Great pics, looks like a good time :)


Katherine Aucoin said...

Good save with the Ramen noodles. Glad I'm not a vegetarian, i would not have wanted to miss this one!

buffalodick said...

Young guys, drinkin', rockin', will eat road kill... I know, I was young once!

Cynthia said...

Happy Holidays my darlings!

Chef E said...

How cute, I love hamburger and would have eaten that up right away...Ramen Noodles, my son said he is over them now!

Anonymous said...

looks sort of delicious

The Blonde Duck said...

Such a guy meal!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...


You could also have always gone with cold cereal, my 20-second meal-of-choice.