Monday, September 24, 2007

much crazy weekend!

We had an absolutely ridiculous amount of parties, guests, and mayhem filling every second of the weekend--it's nice to be at work and just get away from it all...kidding! Would seriously like to disappear into the North Georgia mountains next friday and bond with the campfire and a bottle of wine...we'll see.

On friday, had a buddy of Tavo's come down and we all went to a Burlesque party--wasn't quite sure how to dress. The boys dressed like waiters and I just pulled out a super short skirt and a see through black shirt--I was going for a cute little vixen type character but ended up looking more like Nancy.

But that's okay, I made it work anyways.

Rock on! I'm off to find Sluggo.

On Saturday, we had heap big brekkie of eggs and potatoes--in bed. It was laundry day so just hung around in bed, eating and drinking coffee until noon when we decided to take a walk. Around Atlantic Station. Yeah, couldn't help it--had to experience odd fake town experience. Went to stores and tried on clothes, then decided to hit up a movie. Good god almighty--matinée student passes are $8.50 each!! We watched Superbad...then decided to sneak into Resident Evil: Extinction. Oh my god I about had a heart attack every two minutes in that movie. Tavo loved it. I have come to a conclusion that Milla Jovovich is extremely good looking and zombies are really scary.

After that, went to a going away party for Tavo's buddy who's headed to Iraq as a contractor--scary, but he'll be back in 6 months so we'll keep him in our thoughts! Then went BACK to the evil Atlantic Station to attend an engagement party...and we were turned down at the door. Too scummy to get in. Sheeze! So, went home, got all gussied up, came back to have the doorman tell us, "we stopped letting people in 5 minutes ago." WTF--dude, you just saw us leave 30 minutes ago, let us in! One of the men informed us that if we slipped him a "dub" we would get in just fine. "Oh HELL NO. I'm not giving him ANY kind of money" was my response.

picture of a 'dub'

Door man replied, "well, I guess you don't want to get in then." and scurried back inside the strip mall.

(never go to the hot new bowling alley/bar that a certain hollywood celeb has funded--it's corrupt as hell)

Sunday had another stellar brekkie and cleaned like madmen. Laundry, toilets, floors, swept the deck even--cleaned our place has been since I've lived there! Went out for a beer and to view houses with some friends, came back and had snacks. Then went to another friend's new restaurant and salivated over the menu. Do check out Calavino's if you happen to be in Atlanta--it is very nice! Pics, etc. on

Got home at 2 am and stumbled to bed. ahh, what a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

LOL fish

all righty--we were under the weather yesterday but are up and running again today. We went to a restaurant to drink a pitcher and sat in the courtyard next to the fountain. Very, very New Orleans-esque and we quite enjoyed our experience and want to do our minute back yard in the same fashion. While there--we noticed all of these HUGE fish in the base of the fountain. So cool!! Tavo kept touching their noses (yes, these fish had noses) We couldn't help but notice how expressive they were and decided to do a tribute, lol cat style, to our new vivacious friends.

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I mean seriously--one small flicker of the fin, and you see a whole new emotion. These fish really communicated with us.

Monday, September 17, 2007

got the job!

Which is great, because my mood is similar to this right now.

Must be a Monday thing. That and the fact that I have no respect here!! Can't wait to move onward.

Plus learned great new tidbit of information that the MLK pool / gym that was FINALLY redone over last winter is up and running and...get this only costs $90 annually to belong! Even a pauper like myself can afford that!! So, it's right next to the train station and I'll just have to go. A leaner Lini--this will be good.

The weekend was nice--I really and truly did very, very little. Puttered around the house, drank wine and read books on the back deck, ate good food, hung with good friends and the most fab man of all, Tavo. All in all quite enjoyable--and it shows, I've been super producto-girl at work today. Except for right now, but technically I'm still on lunch and no one is in here anyhow.

Listen to me prattle!!

Okay ladies and gents I do have fab pics to put up...and they are at home in my camera. So please hold your horses and we shall post them up later today or tomorrow. Here is what I am looking forward to right now:

Yes it is cheap pitcher night at the local pizza place and as this is my most revered meal in the world, I am quite ecstatic! I don't even know what kind of beer that is in the picture, but don't worry your pretty little heads, I will be drinking Red Brick tonight. Yum!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

crushing acorns frustrated!!!

I was told on a phone interview that I would be able to transfer to a new job on monday and I was so excited!! No pay increase, in fact I was told that I wouldn't be able to get the annual raise that I would at my current job, but this new job is only 3 miles from my house. Good bye two hour commute each way, hello fifteen minute commute each way. I was so happy.

Now, today, I received an email stating that the decision has not been made. People need to talk, etc. Ugh. Frustrating. Only thing I can do is take a walk and step on acorns.

Green ones are not satisfying. Slight crunch...some won't even crunch when I step on them. Not even with my heel.

Brown ones are EXTREMELY satisfying. Nice, solid crunch and sometimes I am rewarded with a loud, "POP," when I hit the acorn just right. Ahh. Take a walk, crunch acorns, and wait....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th -- Lini's point of view

Six years ago and I had just moved back to Detroit and was wandering around looking for a job (like most Detroiters) Every place I visited, people seem flustered and were gathered around tvs, radios blaring...what was going on?

A plane just crashed into the World Trade Center...what? Ran home and played with old metal hanger until tv got enough reception for me to see. I didn't move for the rest of the day.

summer winding down

Summer is winding down and it's nice to sit outside on the balcony again in the evenings. Tavo is crazy about candles and has a basket full of tea lights that he likes to throw all over the porch while we sip our beer.

Here he is setting up the candles:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

laid up in bed.....

My knee is swollen like a honeydew and I hate skateboarding. I was riding down the sidewalk on Memorial Dr right in front of King Memorial and just ate it. Down for the count. I was able to get up and walk afterwards but this morning my knee won't bend. HOLY SHIT. I am through with skateboarding.
This pasttime has been a heartbreaker for me since I was 14. I am done. Done. Done.

Fuck this.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

ho hum mid afternoon tummy grumbles

For some reason, mid afternoon always gets me hungry. Even if I just ate, there will be something from the evil vending machine that calls my name. Hello Evil Vending Machine.
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Some days it's Skittles, some days it's:
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yum. They are in my brain, intoxicating my very soul. I must have them.

So, I went to the downstairs vending machine--less students down there--and I shook it. Yep, broke, hungry...and desperate for an oreo.

shake shake shake