Monday, September 17, 2007

got the job!

Which is great, because my mood is similar to this right now.

Must be a Monday thing. That and the fact that I have no respect here!! Can't wait to move onward.

Plus learned great new tidbit of information that the MLK pool / gym that was FINALLY redone over last winter is up and running and...get this only costs $90 annually to belong! Even a pauper like myself can afford that!! So, it's right next to the train station and I'll just have to go. A leaner Lini--this will be good.

The weekend was nice--I really and truly did very, very little. Puttered around the house, drank wine and read books on the back deck, ate good food, hung with good friends and the most fab man of all, Tavo. All in all quite enjoyable--and it shows, I've been super producto-girl at work today. Except for right now, but technically I'm still on lunch and no one is in here anyhow.

Listen to me prattle!!

Okay ladies and gents I do have fab pics to put up...and they are at home in my camera. So please hold your horses and we shall post them up later today or tomorrow. Here is what I am looking forward to right now:

Yes it is cheap pitcher night at the local pizza place and as this is my most revered meal in the world, I am quite ecstatic! I don't even know what kind of beer that is in the picture, but don't worry your pretty little heads, I will be drinking Red Brick tonight. Yum!

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