Sunday, September 27, 2009

In memory

Our hearts go out to Ryan and his family. Lake Huron, though not the view from Port Austin. It was always fun to hide from the witch.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bogota, Part II La Candelaria, Centro, Art and Monserrate

I'm mostly going to let the photos talk, here.

All animals love Tavo
Our hotel in La Candelaria had extremely disturbing art that we had to take down from the wall and hide during our stay...
Showerheads are overrated.

View was excellent

Museo de Arte Moderno (MAMBO) had a great show by Pedro Ruiz called Oro--could not find a decent link, but here are a few pieces.

Across from the Biblioteca Nacional
I look just like this librarian when I'm at work ;)

Mateo the Llama
Taking the cable car to Monserrate

Can't remember what type this was--but this ice cream was super fantastic!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bogotá, Part III Chapinero

This kid rode up to the area outside of 3-4 bars and started the grill welded to the back of his bicycle. Tavo NEEDED to try one of his arepas.

Verdict? Delicious! Here's an action shot--2 am

We found a hotel that was strangely reminiscent of a David Lynch film...maybe the Twin Peaks movie?

David Lynch hotel at night--yes, the lights in the hallway really are green.

At $15 a night, we weren't complaining..

Caught the Colombia Uruguay game--a defeat for Colombia, unfortunately. Regardless, it was an exciting game--we got the last table in the bar.

Our second night in Chapinero, we upgraded our hotel. A few more blocks and a few more bucks--we now have a working jacuzzi. Oh yeah :)

According to Tavo's cousins, El Corral is the best burger chain in Bogotá. Well, we have to agree!

I'm not quite sure what type of burger he got--but it was definitely large and delicious.

I went for the vegetarian version--you can add all sorts of sides. This has eggs, beans, guac, jalapeños--a bit saucy for me, but I ate every bit of it.

Also stopped at Bogotá Beer Company to try their Red Ale and Pilsner--both were quite excellent.

Tavo was excited about the ale--it was a change from the Colombian beers we'd tried thus far. Favorite Colombian beer brands? We liked Poker, Aguila, and Club Colombia.

A neat feature of this part of the city--Comedians would set up an amplifier and tell jokes right out in the square. This guy set up in front of a church. Very cool!

Our last night there, Tavo's cousin and her man, Monica and Arturo, took us on a great walk of the city and we had a few beers in Zona Rosa.