Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Interesting house pictures

This is probably more interesting to me than it is to you, but I just found some 20-30 year old pictures of our houses. Fulton County (Atlanta) recently updated their property records...and somehow, in the update, loaded all sorts of photos that were taken in the 1970's and 1980's (I'm guessing based on cars I see.) So here, for your delight, are some before and after pics of houses.

Our house circa the 1980's (?)
Our house when we bought it in 2005
Our house now, albeit a kind of dark photo.

And here's our little fixer upper, circa 1980's.
when we bought it...
and now.

Neat, huh? So...let's play before and after. There is something MISSING from both houses in the more recent shots. Can you tell what it is? (I'll give you a hint...look at the roof line)

I looked up our neighbor's house too...and I know he won't mind if I post it, so here it is. This is the one that burned down in the fire.

Neighbor's house circa 1980's (check the awesome glass porch!!)

And this is the house before the fire. (Look, you can see the edge of our house before we decided to paint it red!)

I love public property records. They are just fascinating to me.


doggybloggy said...

no chimney - I WIN!

Marjie said...

Chimneys are gone! Dammit, Dog, beating me to it! I love old pictures.

Jenn said...

I second Doggy. That's cool to see the history of a house just based from old photos. you can hos little or how big the changes were. That's really neat!! Thanks for sharing this with us.

TavoLini said...

You guys are all correct!! The most amazing thing about the missing chimneys...they aren't missing on the inside of the house.

If you go up to the attic in both houses, you can see where the tops of the chimneys were just...broken off. Oh well, at least it means the roof is not very old on either house!

snowelf said...

Wow... my dad went through and removed the chimney from their old house as well. I would be afraid to go in the attic of their old house though--scary spiders! Ick!

It's so neat to see your house through the years though. I really liked the old porch railings, but the new look is much more modern. :)


Katherine Aucoin said...

Seriously, i thought it was the Chevy...my bad, but then I changed my answer to chimmeny and no, I didn't look at Doggy's answer - lol!!!

This was interesting.

Anonymous said...

How fascinating to see the changes over the years, neat!

Regina said...

Those are awesome!!! Your house is much sexier in red! :o)

Our house probably looks EXACTLY the same as it did in 1967!