Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Detroit

Arriving Wednesday night around midnight in Flint...and checking the news.
On Thanksgiving, post race, post dinner--hanging with Lini's best friends! Pat from high school and Em from college. They fell in love and have been together more than 10 years now.

(Notice my Detroit 10K Turkey Trot shirt--stylish!)
Cheers with my Aunt, Mom...
Pat, Em, Cousin, Sister
And cheers to the camera man, Tavo! (of course, he's taking my picture)

The whole gang
Em and Pat's twin sons, making crazy snowballs

and their daughter, who luckily doesn't have as good of aim as her brothers (..yet!)

Roasted Veggies!

Oh no!! Let go of Tavo!
Chardonnay, Champagne, and Cabernet--the essential C's
(and Mom, Sister and I are all the type who throw ice in their wine)

Tavo prefers his beer snow chilled

Happy Thanksgiving


doggybloggy said...

looks like a great time and those crab legs - wow! Its always fun when you get the 'fancy' glass .....

buffalodick said...

Wow! The spread looked fantastic! Ice in the wine? Michigan chicks all the way....

Katherine Aucoin said...

Looks like you had an amazing Thanskgiving with wonderful food surrounded by family.

The Blonde Duck said...

I want snow. Pout.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

LOL the crab-claw pic is funny! I used to love finding crab claws on the beach when I was little (but meanie mommy wouldn't let me take em home).

Anette said...

I can tell by the photos that it was a lovely time! Giggled when I saw the photo of the nosegrabbing!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Tavo got a crabby pinched-nose. Ouch!

What a feast! Looks like a good time to me. And me want a Turkey T-Shirt too! haha