Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're drowning in squash casserole, stuffing, twice baked potatoes, salad and a chicken. Let's share..

(saw Arrested Development play a free show at Turner Field last year--they continue to be relevant and super fun)

I'll be honest--both of us are very apprehensive of religion as a whole, so here is a link to the local food bank that works with groups from all backgrounds.

Atlanta Community Food Bank

It's on the west side--I have worked with them through Whole Foods--it is a fantastic organization.

Please give to your community this season.


Marjie said...

It all sounds good! We were drowning in the leftovers from two 25 pound turkeys, but 20 people made short work of that!

Jenn said...

I hear ya o the leftovers. Hope you and Tavo had a great Thanksgiving.

snowelf said...

Love that song! :)