Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sometimes it really is just Lentils and Rice

So, we are eating at home. On a budget. Yet, this is one of our favorite meals on the cheap and easy.

Lentils, boiled for 25 minutes, then added to sauteed onion, garlic, biryani paste (our house still has a very ....distinct smell) and a can of whole tomatoes, crushed by hand. Continue cooking until lentils are done--the amount of time depends on the age of the beans.

We then cracked a couple eggs into the lentils, covered and cooked until set. Serve over brown rice.

Still using the phone camera--my sincere apologies.


Marjie said...

Don't we all have cheap and easy favorites? Mine is mini penne with red sauce, or with white sauce and veggies.

Maggie said...

Sounds cheap, easy and delicious! Random greens with a fried egg is my go to, sometimes with bacon or sometimes just with good olive oil.

Jenn said...

No worries about the camera phone. At least you have some kind of camera right. :)

Cheap eats are sometimes the best eats one can have. It's like comfort food.

snowelf said...

This looks yummy!!
I make black bean quesadillas that just simply delicious. A little cheese, onion, and salsa go a long way.

Happy thanksgiving to you both!!


rockywash said...

i could eat lentils everyday. yum!