Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pico de Tasty

So Lini is in Detroit so I am doing a quick post to some other slamming chefs in the ATL.

First a not so great example from my own hand. Oh boy, these eggs had goat cheese, old bay seasoning, and butter. Although three of my fave items, definitely not good in same dish.
So after my hearty meal, I tried to get some boxes in the attic, but their are so many of them! I am still finding boxes labeled "Lee Den Books", but I am out of shelf space.My sister Raquel had me over and cooked up some tasty Pico de Gallo quesadillas.

She is kinda crazy for scrapbooking and John Legend. Never listened to him before, but kinda dig it.
Kids love quesadillas.

yum. safe travels alien de bleu.


tommie said...

Had to Youtube John Legend....very nice!

Yes, my kids love quesadillas as well...throw some cheese in a tortilla with some protein....they will eat it!

How fun to be with some family!

If you know off hand, what green paint is that on the walls? We stick to a light(bright) green called Pesto, but I kind of like that one in your ...whatever room that is!

doggybloggy said...

tavo if this happens again in the future I can have some MRE's my way frozen and sent your way...

Jenn said...

The process of moving. Gotta love it, right?

That's very nice of your sister. I could go for a quesadilla any day.

rockywash said...

quesadillas are quick and yummy and check out the pico de gallo with avocado--- no guilt calories... yummmy. I also made some with LOW CARB "buena Vida" whole wheat tortillas 70 calories and 4 g of fat.

The room is a scrapbook room and my office space. I make money there as I work from home and I have a newly founded scrap business... the color are Kilz eggshell-- in actually a turquoise tone...I looked at the can but I have no name... But it reads=== 5131 Base1 B 5 D 37 E 20---(if that helps) in looking at the swabs on the website--- It closest to Soft Jade or Vienna Turquoise.. p.s. sorry room is sooo messy

snowelf said...

haha! Loved your title Tavo! We had quesadillas this weekend too! Yum!

--snow, who also needs more shelving and is feeling your pain...

TavoLini said...

Tavo and Raquel--I love this post :)

Rocky--Those quesadillas look excellent!! We have to come over sometime while I'm in town, too!

(I got to eat some of the pico de gallo last night when I got home--YUMMM!!!)


buffalodick said...

I'm taking a stab at steak fajitas a la left overs tonight...

Katherine Aucoin said...

Poor need you Lini back! I almost spit wine all over my keyboard when I read about your eggs...sorry = (

The quesadillas look fantastic. Thank goodness for sisters!