Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Marine Corps Ball

All righty--Tavo and I are headed to the Marine Corps birthday ball on Saturday. This is a new thing for me, she who was vehemently against proms, dances, etc. I went to Homecoming my sophomore year in high school, and prom as a joke after I graduated. That's it. No other dressy occasions in the life of Lini, excepting a bridesmaid dress or two.

But I found myself at Dillards trying on dresses all the same. And I've come to a firm conclusion: Dresses are very, very expensive. For no good reason at all. You only wear them once or twice, and you're done. Crazy.

As Tavo is out in California (still!!!) I decided to take pictures of all the dresses and see which one he likes. Now, keep in mind when you look at these--I'm extremely short. I'm not quite 5'1". This is why all of these look like I'm trying on mom's clothes.

Which one do you like best? What should I get?

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These were my favorite four:

and after looking at so many pics of myself, I think I should lay off the pizza a bit. Ugh, why is exercise no fun and pizza so yummy??

Thanks everyone!


doggybloggy said...

picture number 9 the one with the criss cross bikini style top...

tommie said...

I was going to say the last one as well....but I noticed all your favorites had the bandeau type top....of your favs, #3 is my favorite

The Little Vegan said...

Ooh what gorgeous dresses... and you do NOT need to lay off the pizza ;o). You look great!

Anonymous said...

Wear the 4th one. I like that one the best. I looked at all the pictures from last year and everyone is wearing long dresses and mine is short too =[... so wear the all black one! =]