Tuesday, October 30, 2007

what a nice lunch!

This was me, just mere minutes ago...

Despite the frightfully chilly morning we had (I had on my hat, scarf, super thick wool sweater and I was STILL shaking) it warmed up to a gorgeous afternoon. I grabbed a sandwich, my purse, and took off for the great Piedmont Park .

I don't really have too much to say, other than it's about a fifteen minute walk, so I had an entire 30 minutes to just chill in the grass, watch everyone play with their dog, wonder what kind of jobs these people had that let them play with their dog at 2 pm on a Tuesday, then pack up and go back to work. (btw I decided that they were all dishwashers in 24 hour restaurants--so even though I had to work on a beautiful afternoon, it wasn't as bad as being an all night dishwasher)

I had half a roll of smarties for desert.

I had eaten the other half as an appetizer on the way to the park.

and....I saved one of those small packs of peanut m&ms for myself, back at the library. I knew I would probably need a bribe to come back inside...

it worked!

Happy Tuesday afternoon, everyone.

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