Tuesday, October 16, 2007

are you ready for me Atlanta City pools???

*This is obviously not me--pic courtesy of dkimages*

Yesterday was my first day at my new job! Hooray for working in midtown, hour long lunches spent strolling about the city, munching a sandwich. I got quite a bit done, set up meetings with all the key people, and things are going swimmingly en la biblioteca.

Talking about swimming--now that I get home sooooo much earlier (because I don't have to ride the stupid bus at all!!) I have started swimming at the natatoriums in the city. Got my annual pass and found a lane in the midst of elementary school swim lessons, and I was off! Kicking, splashing right back at the kids, working the old muscles...and I am in PAIN today. But it hurts so good... (oh so cheesy, I know)

After a lovely day and a nice swim, I came home and started pouting. Oh yes, I can be quite spoiled at times... Tavo and I tried to make the gnocchi I'd prepared on sunday--but the recipe had said to only boil the potatoes (whole potatoes, not slices) for 15 minutes. So, we had hard potatoes in the mix. It was a mess. We each ate one--Tavo smiled and said, yum? I spat it out. (pout pout pout) Then we got in the car and Mr. Tavo took me out to eat in celebration of my first day at work!! Yeah!! (you know that's what I wanted all along)

We went to R. Thomas Dude...YUM!! I've never been there and it is just so yummy and there are parrots everywhere!! Tavo had quesadillas and I had...the fish tacos. Now, I'm one of those loser vegetarians who eats fish every now and then, and wow--I'm glad I decided to last night. So yum. We also had a "Banana Boy Toy" smoothie--Tavo ordered it, blushing as he said it--but it was fully worth it. YUM.

So, a very good monday had by all.


doggybloggy said...

I would blush ordering that smoothie too...in fact I flush just thinking about it...LOL

pinknest said...

wow you go from gnocchi to fish tacos!! yay!

Tavolini said...

Doggy--Tavo about killed me when he found out I'd put the "Banana Boy Toy" in...hahaha

Pinknest--yeah, kind of a stretch, eh? When at a restaurant I always want to order something I would (often could) never make at home. But judging on the failure of the gnocchis, maybe I should order out for those too :)

amanda said...

your gnocchi failed? it's probably because i made you come drink beer instead of cooking 'em straight away.