Thursday, October 18, 2007

finally uploaded some photos!

This is a random compilation of photos illustrating what I've been blathering on about recently.

For example--here's solid evidence that I am a broccoli monster:


So, we went to Calavino's the other night and it was just fabulous!! That is, of course, until I decided to do too many shots and was kindly escorted home. But--I only have pictures of the good part of the night :)

Here I am walking--looking a little uncertain. "Tavo...I think I need a glass of wine. To unwind, you know?"'s that glass of wine! And some brushcetta to go with it, dolled up in a nice cigar box.

Tavo went for the Three Philosopher's (yum!) and pork tenderloin.

I just dabbled around and ate appetizers all night. The antipasto was delicious--Tavo ate all the meat and I snuck the cheeses and veggies. Ahh, wine and good food. We look much more relaxed now.

Okay--one more pic. This one we look good in.


doggybloggy said...

ahhhh the banana boy toy cute.....LOL

pinknest said...

cheese and veggie sneaker!! why was that dish called the three philosophers?

Tavolini said...

Doggy--you know we love some bananas and such, lol

Pinknest--the beer was three philosophers, my type-o!

tommie said...

I love your dress!! dinner looked wonderful as well.