Friday, October 5, 2007

Time to go camping....hopefully

All right--Georgia has been suffering from a severe drought all summer, so I shouldn't complain about the rain--but I wanted to go camping! It's supposed to stop raining tomorrow afternoon, so we'll see. I have been checking every 10 minutes just to make sure.

Besides the drought, it's also been 100+ degrees for months--and the heat has finally broken. I even crocheted a scarf last night. Now that it's gotten down to 80 degrees, I might be needing lots of scarves.

Here's a pic of me camping last year. See how happy I am? And this is before I cracked open those bottles of chianti (even while camping, one must maintain certain standards--fine wine and bud light, apparently)

I'm pretty sure that a maroon shirt probably shouldn't be worn with a red skirt, but these things don't matter in the wilderness.

Tavo does not particularly like camping per se, but he does enjoy building massive fires and burning most anything available. This is good because I don't mind feeding the fire, but the building part can be a bit painstaking without proper amounts of lighter fluid. I much prefer to sip wine and cheer him on.

Great fire baby!

So--hopefully we'll get out there tomorrow night! Have a great weekend everyone.


pinknest said...

good luck! that's a sweet tent. ours looked like saddam's spider hole compared to that.

The Kept Woman said...

Was there civil unrest and choas in the urban areas near you?

Why else does one go camping other other than to escape life-threatening scenarios in normal civilization?

doggybloggy said...

I love camping and dont do it often enough...