Monday, September 19, 2011

More sweet bread -- Banana Chocolate Chip

All right--although Blogger seems insistent on keeping this picture sideways (grrrr!!) Here are the bananas that I grabbed at the Corporate 5K last week. Nice and speckled, I would say...

Ingredients -- again, I switch out a large portion of the oil with buttermilk.

Chocolate chips!!!!

All done, ready to join the squash bread in the freezer.

I like to have a couple of easy treats frozen at the ready for easy breakfasts / brunches. What do you like to freeze?


snowelf said...

TWO breads with chocolate chips! I'll be right down! :) I already cannot resist banana bread on its own. It's kind of my kryptonite!

I had vegan chocolate chips the other day--they are much better than I expected. I think they would be delicious in some banana bread!

happy baking!

Marjie said...

I'd freeze quick breads if they lasted more than 12 minutes in my house. I've been known to pre-make and freeze waffles, so they can be popped into the toaster for a fast morning breakfast.