Monday, September 5, 2011

All over Atlanta! Football, Food, House and Bicycle photos

Its been a good week! The opening football game for my college was last week--this is the view of the marching band from right outside the library. Nice, eh?

It was Gustavo's birthday, so we went for one of our epic walks. We also went to the new skatepark that opened up in Old Fourth Ward. Neat mural--its a reference to a popular (now defunct) place, 40 Yard, that Gustavo and his buddies skated at while growing up.

Murals on the Beltline...

We had some beers with our friends at the earl. Cigars, too. Classy!

On the way home, we picked some rosemary and made some dough for rosemary bread.

It was great for breakfast the next day with goat cheese and butter.

Gustavo has been plugging away at the house. In order to get the new plumbing in, we needed to tear up all the floors so we can access the crawl space. Tight fit!

Sponsored by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, I participated in the Heels on Wheels ride on Saturday. This is a great ride through downtown and midtown--and with DragonCon going on, there was a lot to see!!

Photos below are borrowed from Cameron Adams' flickr set--if you click on the photo, they will take you to his photography. Additionally, Mr. Adams maintains a blog called Atlanta Bicycle Chic. Check it out!


All the ladies!


Hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend as well.

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