Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Third post of Crisco love -- Curry Red Snapper

With each week comes another bag of CSA goodness, but today I decided to add some fish to the mix. I'd purchased some frozen Red Snapper on sale a few weeks ago, and thought it was time to cook it. Below are CSA tomatoes, green and banana peppers. I had the vidalia onions from a prior shopping trip.

For this, I used the light tasting olive oil.

Vegetables sauteeing with Blue Mountain Curry and some additional cayenne pepper.

After the vegetables softened, I slowly added a cup of water, then the diced snapper steaks.

Simmer, but not for very long...

Served over a really excellent wild rice mix I found in the Whole Foods bulk aisle. I balked when the cost was almost $6 at the register, but wow, that is some tasty rice! We'll see how long it stretches.

Below is the final product. Fantastic! I do make curry quite frequently, but my favorites usually are heavy in seafood and peppers, with some tomato. I just like that combination.

Thank you to Crisco and the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program!

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