Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A trick for less watery squash lasagna

For some reason, we were in Michigan all weekend, and this is the only picture I have. (I guess that's how you know you are having a good vacation!)

We ate a lot of sandwiches.

And saw this extremely large praying mantis when walking home from the train station.

I picked up all the vegetables from the CSA, and decided to use 30 or so small tomatoes for my red sauce. Here they are, peeled (yeah, that took forever) and ready to cook!

So, last week, my squash lasagna was pretty watery. I read a tip to throw rice in the bottom of the casserole dish, and I have to say it worked perfectly! This is brown rice, and as I cook the casserole for more than an hour (I use raw squash) it cooks up well. I suppose I could have put more in, but I still wanted the focus to be on the squash, not on the rice.

Layers of patty pan, eggplant, and crookneck, along with red sauce and a variety of cheeses...

Look at the pretty layers! So colorful :)

Cooked and delicious! Pretty low fat, too. This is a fairly simple dish to make, it would be even easier if you just used a can of crushed tomatoes instead of making the red sauce from scratch.

Beyond lasagna, we have also been eating lots of tacos. Here is a gratuitous "Hot Husband" photo of Gustavo eating tacos <3

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emily said...

The lasagna looks tasty, and sooo pretty. I'll have to try this with our mongo squash. Happy Lake Huron memories!