Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tons of vegetables!!!

So, the Community Shared Agriculture of this year gives us about twice the amount of fruit and vegetables as it did a couple years ago. We still use Huckleberry Hill farm in Alabama--they are wonderful. Thank goodness the drought is over!! Now, what do I do with 10 squash/zukes and 6 eggplant?

For the squash / zucchini, sautee with an onion, some peppers, butter, salt and pepper to use for a summer casserole. Okay, we can call it a "Frittata" or "Crustless Quiche" for those of you opposed to the word casserole. I admit, though, I do love a good casserole. I use 4-5 zukes/squash, onion, salt, pepper, 4 eggs and a cup of cheddar. Very egg based, and that's how I like it.

Also roasted some eggplant and some tomatoes. Okay--so, if I'm turning on the oven in Georgia, in August...I'm going to cook everything I need to in the oven for the week, so I don't have to turn it on again! The eggplant is for more baba ghanoush--which I posted just last week. I like to have a little tupperware of that all summer to dip veggies and bread in.

The tomatoes were for a basic red sauce. Note to self--chop the stems off tomatoes before roasting and / or dumping into pot. Lazy Lini. I put a pat of butter, half an onion, and a dollop of wine. Such a simple sauce, but this is quite excellent. Add a bit of tomato paste or some canned crushed tomatoes to change the consistency, but this is a simple sauce. Do not add much more.

Oven on? Let's get the week's bread done, too. Simple french bread, with wheat flour, white flour, water, salt, sugar and yeast. Pats of butter on top, bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

Here's my "summer casserole." See how good it looks? I can eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just add some hot sauce ;)

Roasted eggplant. I peeled them but they are very unphotogenic. Sorry guys. The white eggplants peeled especially well--I should do something to showcase their unusual color next week. Also threw some garlic in on my roasting pan....one exploded. Whoops!

Grabbed some snips of basil for my red sauce and for....

Finished bread (no, basil was not for this)

...the basil is for PIZZA! What, you think I'm going to make red sauce and dough....but no pizza? Come on now. You know me better than that. Here's the dough, red sauce, and I found my goat cheese to be moldy (noooo!) so I just dealt with a basic parmesan.

Baked, with some more fresh basil on top. Even sans cheese, I still loved it. I put crushed red pepper and honey on it.

Have a fantastic week, guys! I'm planning on going swimming tomorrow...and we're thinking about going on a road trip this fall--maybe the Grand Canyon. Any suggestions? I'll play my favorite "road trip" band to get us in the mood...


Jenn said...

I feel like taking road trip right now. Just to relax and get away from it all.

Awesome veggie dishes btw.

Marjie said...

Your veggies look great, and Grand Canyon sounds like a fun road trip.

lousi said...

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brooke said...

Great veggies and a trip you are living on the edge.