Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the coolest crazy beautiful demon song...and of course, more pizza

I don't really thing I need to describe this. Just two of my most favorite things (besides Tavo) that I happen to experience today.

Hot Pepper and Pineapple pizza...sweet and spicy!

Swedish sisters...(harmony--did you guys learn it in church, too?)


Jenn said...

pizza and a fleet foxes cover. I love it!!! A friend of mines recently got me into the group. I love their music. Cool cover!!

Anette said...

Come visit my blog, to see what theme I picked for the Culinary Smackdown September 2010. Go check out Doggy's place if you wonder what I'm on about!

Marjie said...

I'm allergic to peppers, so I'll take mine with pineapple and bacon!

snowelf said...

Love, love, LOVE pineapple on my pizza. Excellent choice!!