Friday, January 2, 2009

We are firm believers in a fresh coat of paint...

and stars! While Tavo was doing useful projects such as replacing door knobs and hammering up loose siding...I was cutting out some wooden stars and spray painting them gold. Practical? Not so much. Cool? Indeed!

We did need some window coverings, too. Enter king size flat sheets and trusty sewing machine.

Look at the sun hitting the magnolia who is that on the porch?

It's Tavo! And a gigantic bucket of bright orange paint. Oh yes, we decided to liven up the neighborhood. (that orange is a bit brighter than it looked on the swatch...)

Meanwhile, I trimmed out the second room in green. It was the best offering on the "oops" shelf, and went nicely with the brown up front. Yep--still have to tackle the window.
As this is somewhat a food blog--here's our eats! No gourmet right now--these are just basic scrambled eggs with bleu cheese, toast, onion potatoes...
Kale, chick peas and tomatoes with a fresh loaf of honey wheat. I needed a break from the sourdough.
and we're headed off for another day at the new house :)


doggybloggy said...

the stars are a cool idea...did you make a constellation?

TavoLini said...

Doggy--you are fast like lightning! We didn't do a constellation--but we did sort of a flow from the front door to the next room.

Putting those stars up was a PAIN! I was elated to just finish it :)

tommie said...

We have orange bathrooms....It is a deeper pumpkin color. AND I totally buy Kilz one coat paint. It is a bit more per gallon, but it really does only take one coat. There have been few colors we have painted over that it took two coats.

Very impressed with the stars.

Is this a flip or what you are moving into?

buffalodick said...

Do they glow in the dark?

Anette said...

How exciting it is with a new house!! The stars looked very creative, you want to lay down in the floor and watch them!

Photonuts said...

What energy you two have...Chef E took me to places in Jersey and Cape cod where house in a row were brightly painted. My neighborhood is all cookie cutter.

jesse said...

I love em stars! You guys are so cute, and the house is SO cute, everything is too cute, ahh!!! *dies from cuteness overdose*

Maggie said...

I loved the brown and blue but the orange is even better. I'm looking at nearly the exact same shade for the interior of our new house. I just can't decide where to put it.

Oh and the kale and chick peas looks delicious with honey wheat, yum!

TavoLini said...

Tommie--we have an orange bathroom and an orange kitchen! Its such a warm, welcoming color. I'll have to try the kilz paint--I usually just go with top of the line whatever, but Valspar (Lowe's) has been very forgiving.

Buffalo--nope, just gold paint :)

Anette--thanks! I really like them, too :)

Photonuts--this neighborhood is a little dull, but most of them in the area have very bright houses! Love those victorian colors :)

Jesse--one can die from worse things ;) Thanks!

Maggie--I've got an orange kitchen and an orange bathroom. All rooms are good for orange :) Wait till you see our trim colors--I'll try to post them tonight.