Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Coast, the City, and things in between.

Let's have a bit of Paul Simon to start us off...

Tavo and I danced to this song from, "Rhythm of the Saints" this Saturday afternoon. It was my favorite part of the whole weekend.

Hello--I just signed up for the half marathon here in Atlanta with a college friend, and to get myself in the mood, I'm borrowing the idea of this post from Jesse of the fantastically funny blog, We All Go Poopie. Jesse is a phenomenal runner--and recently posted pics of her route in her hometown Los Angeles, as well as her current digs in Oxford, England. While I reside in Atlanta, we did go to Hilton Head, South Carolina, over Christmas. The route there, on the beach, was too breathtaking to not take a camera. I also took pics of one of my normal routes here in Atlanta--but on an oddly rainy day (we've been in drought for going on 2 years)

Here's Hilton Head:

and some of my jog here in Atlanta:

(the cobblestone sidewalk can get quite precarious)
you can not go more than a half mile without seeing a marker concerning, "The war of Northern Aggression."
Orthodox church
Much of Grant Park has been restored, but this fountain is still in a state of repair

some fences are fancy
some just are
the trees are very alive. Honestly, the first thing that struck me about Atlanta is how green it is. And this is the dead of winter, mind you.
There are many beautifully restored homes
some have graveyards right on the property

and of course, we do keep eating--here's some oven fries
I made a tomato - zucchini soup (because I miss summer!)
and someone was happy to find a pot of Beef Stew!
with random homemade baguette (i.e. leftover dough)
Packing lunches for the week--quite important to make sure each day has an equal amount of stew!

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!


rockywash said...

you always amaze me with an incredible sense of commitment and consistency in the kitchen...I have never seen g so happy. Your food is so appetizing. I so wish I was as handy as you.

doggybloggy said...

stew......oh yeah....and running.....oh no.....I keep saying I am going to start running again

TavoLini said...

Rocky--thanks! I wish I was as talented as you!! All your beautiful scrapbooks :)

Doggy--yeah, Tavo dug the stew! My buddies are the ones that keep me running. Otherwise I would just sleep in ;)

Katherine Aucoin said...

The pictures of Hilton Head are beautiful, thanks for sharing. Yum! Your stew looks like the perfect comfort food after a wet and cold run.

buffalodick said...

Isn't Atlanta where they hold the "Peachtree" road race or something like that?

TavoLini said...

Katherine--thanks! I love the beach--would go there everyday if I could!

Buffalo--Yes! Atlanta hosts the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th. Its the largest 10K in the United States. About 55,000 people run it--Tavo and I have run it together the last 3 years :)

jesse said...

You and Tavo are just so delightfully cheesy! Hahaha! And that picture of the reconstructed house is so pretty... I'm jealous of your running route! Hmph.

Chef E said...

In my mind I run along side my dog I had years ago...and then stumble on the precarious walkways landing on my knees that seem to keep me going, but haunt me with pings of pain...then I will go to the stove and make a pot of that yummy stew I just saw and feel a little better...and then walk on the 'safe' treadmill in my living room, lol

You make stew for the house warming party, I will bring the keg on the back of my van!

The Blonde Duck said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm glad I'm not the only one that packs lunches!

Chef E said...

PS- Onion rings is why I have to stay out of pubs! Not the wild drinking,lol, but the love affair with fried food!

tommie said...

I have always wanted to be a runner...

Love the Paul Simon song!

I made the most awesome potato and fennel soup this weekend. I thought sour dough would be so good with it...but my starter is still 'starting'.
Made me think of you!

Happy Monday!

TavoLini said...

Jesse--We cheese to please ;) Thank you for inspiring this post!

Chef E--a keg in the van? You are speaking my language!!

Blonde--I definitely pack lunches! Tons of lunches! And I'm extremely possessive of my tupperware ;)

Chef--Onion rings are one of the world's perfect foods :)

Tommie--You know, it was one of my friends who cajoled me into running. I was a regular walker for years--and he said, "What are you? 80? Go run." It's been slow going, but I'm doing it ;)

Maggie said...

I love the fountain and that gorgeous tree!! The soup looks great too. We're eating almost nothing but soup around here (well except for cookies and baked goods that I can't help making).

The Happy Gentleman said...

Cool photos.

I especially like the first two of Hilton's head. They remind me of mid-80s vampire films... like the opening sequence in Vampire's Kiss.

materials said...
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