Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The pictures don't do this justice!!

With the abundance of zucchinis and tomatoes, it only made sense to make a big old grilled veggie sandwich. I took many pictures with the camera phone--believe it or not, these were the good ones!

This was an enormous sandwich. We used a whole loaf of sourdough bread, garlic, crushed tomatoes, two grilled zucchini, a huge tomato, and stuck it under the broiler with layers of Havarti. That and a few glasses of chardonnay made for an ideal dinner.

Have you guys been watching the Olympics? I'm so excited that the running has finally started. Quick shout out to Angelo Taylor from Atlanta who won the gold in 400M hurdles! (he's got the sunglasses on)


amanda said...

SRSLY! buff dudes in spandex! hotness.

Michelle Ann said...

We have been taking advantage of our tomato crop...BLTs with avacado on whole grain bread..yum!!!