Friday, March 7, 2008

more Gennie Springs...

It's supposed to snow tomorrow in Atlanta--okay, that's crazy. I moved to the South specifically to get away from springtime snow! I think I need to make the ground hog chocolate chip cookies or something next year...

At least it was warm in Florida--I just can't get enough of this place--private campground off some dirt (sand) roads--want to take Tavo there as soon as he gets home!

Here's the crew, sans Deanna and myself--we are all cooking madmen.

Okay, now a pot of my lousy broken percolator coffee--but you can see all the ingredients for some fantastic Cuban coffee coming up-and it DID!-with two Cubans to oversee the process, it was dope.

Deanna and Michael whipped up eggs, sausage, and ridiculous amounts of breakfast goodness.

A slight beside--both Danielle and I were equally intrigued and pleased by the peanut butter and jelly in one jar combination.

..and it was time to hop in the water again!
All these white flowers were blooming--so beautiful

and the only picture I have of the river that I'm not sitting in it

root systems of Cyprus trees are pretty amazing

can't tell, because I wasn't brave enough to actually immerse my camera in water, but there are scuba divers right under us

haha, okay--not him...but here are some "where's waldo" type pics

Here are bubbles from the divers and the springs coming up--hard to determine which is which ;)

the whole crew floating down the river--we floated near, we floated far--when you have hours and plenty of beer, its fine to maintain hollering can always kick you feet and paddle closer.

Hawks in the tree tops and swooping slowly overhead

Turtles sunning themselves

I was fascinated by the turtles...

more turtles (I actually have about 15 more pics, but I'll spare you)

Michael and the Blue Heron

Lini in a tube


buffalodickdy said...

From the frozen planet Michigan, your world looks like Eden...

doggybloggy said...

take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty..

The Kept Woman said...

I think that the peanut butter and jelly in one jar is possibly one of the best inventions ever. I remember eating it with a spoon in college.

pinknest said...

wow, you guys bring a big coffee percolator?!? i'm awed. this looks so fun! what did the divers find??

Sprocket said...

You guys are having way too good of a time with out me there. I miss you guys and you need to come to good old' Medina Ohio. Yes did you know that Cleveland has the worlds biggest book store. You hear that Lini, if you guys come up we can go there haha.

TavoLini said...

Buff--I am seriously beginning to understand why half of Michigan goes to FL in the spring ;)
DogBlog--oh won't you please take me hooooooooooooooooooooooome
TKW--it's mad tasty, isn't it?
Pink--well, I broke the top part, so ended up using instant coffee after all. Luckily, my job has trained my to enjoy the shittiest coffee--starbucks isn't getting my $.75
Sprocket--Dude--you've got to get down here this fall, once OH gets all frigid again. We've got to hit up Gennie Springs with you and Miss Lucy!