Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Ceviche

The new job has significantly slowed my posting habits, but luckily Tavo has been a regular poster...his phone has recovered, thank you. (though we didn't try the oven method--Pinknest, that sounded a bit too much for our tendency towards error!!)

So, this was actually put together the day before Easter, because it was balmy and warm. Easter actually dawned quite chilly--but Tavo and I braved the odds and took a walk to many numerous bars and drank in celebration!


Take a lb or two of raw shrimp(or any other seafood, its up to you), shell and cut if desired, and put in a glass or ceramic bowl. Squeeze the juice of 6-7 limes, and let it sit.

Take a tomato or two, onion, cucumber, jalapenos, cilantro and chop them up

I like to seed the tomatoes, and seed and peel the cukes. I leave the jalapeno seeds in, of course.

Mix all together. If you use small shrimp or fish, you can eat this fairly quickly. We decided to cover and set in the fridge overnight. The acid from the lime juice cooks the raw shrimp--crazy, but true.

Serve at cold or room temperature with tortilla chips.

I've heard variations of seafoods, serving sides, etc--how do you like to eat ceviche?


doggybloggy said...

I like to eat ceviche by the spoonfull.... my common way is I will take a corn tortilla fried whole and flat and spoon it over the top finishing it with a little more cilantro and onion and then some drizzled red hot sauce... its also good as a salad with avocado and watercress...then there is...let me stop...

buffalodickdy said...

It looked very refreshing and colorful..

Cynthia said...

I've never eaten ceviche but I love the idea of it.

Anonymous said...

Your ceviche sounds great! I eat it just like that. I'm a simple kind of guy after all! haha. I made a shrimp / mango ceviche once. I loved it.

pinknest said...

are you cooking out on a deck?!!? *sigh* pass the ceviche.