Monday, March 10, 2008

Little Talbot Island

I left Richie and the gang and moved onto Little Talbot Island, an island on the Atlantic Coast in north FL, about 30 miles from Jacksonville.

You have to arrive before 5--but I talked the Ranger into staying until 6 so I could drop Richie at the airport. I arrived at sunset--a bit more tropical than Gennie Springs.

My neighboring campers were...trees. It is so awesome to roll into a site on Sunday night. I felt like a retiree!

Good trails around--this is the "wetland" area nearby--I guess during the spring these end spots are often flooded--they are so beautiful, though. Seriously--there is electric et al at every site; sign up for 34 or 35--you'll have this as your view.

Next day, I decided to hit the beach...I didn't swim here, though.

Lucky enough not to run into alligators the whole trip. I went here.

But even the beach I went to didn't allow swimmers.

The surfers didn't seem to care.

And I found an oddly decorated tree.

I staked out my spot.

And had a simple lunch.

This is the ideal life, seriously. Only thing missing was Tavo--I'm going to bring him here. And force him to eat sardines ;)

Came home to my solo site...only to be shared with beer thirsty raccoons...all good, I can share.

While we're talking beer, how about I beer boil some veggie hot dogs? (seriously--when it comes to hot dogs, eating the veggie is probably just as bad as eating the real deal. Less nitrates, perhaps?)

hmmm...then it stormed. Okay--honestly, it didn't bother me too much. Worth the entire $1 to buy, inflate, and sleep on an air mattress.

I went to the beach in the morning after swabbing out the wet tent, chair, etc. Hopefully they'd dry enough to pack. While at the beach, I encountered a mysterious coconut. I didn't eat it, though I was tempted.

Last look at the beach

and it's time to head home.

Passed some cotton fields--okay--you tell me. Why are there like 5 fields with cotton still on them? Shouldn't that have been harvested in the fall? Or is there "winter cotton" like "winter wheat"? You tell me.

Land 'O Cotton...and cows.

Took back roads as opposed to interstates. Winded up rural Georgia and did it up proper with a picnic by a pond next to a Baptist Church. When I say back roads, I don't joke.

Just can't beat a few days that you don't have



buffalodickdy said...

Great photos! Sounds like a trip you will talk about for the rest of your life!

doggybloggy said...

nice trip and those sardines needed some green onion to chomp on the side...

pinknest said...

sardines and crackers!! now this trip looks so relaxing.