Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gennie Springs

I went camping in two places over the last 5 days, and was such a ridiculous shutterbug that I'll break up the posts. This is Gennie Springs, Florida--underground springs that stay around 72 degrees all year and have lots of caves for those wild and crazy scuba divers. Cave diving is one of the most dangerous activities--here's a sign that Richie and Deanna are pondering...

We decided to stick to inner tubes, instead.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. So, last week I quit my job and managed to finagle a cushion of 5 days before starting the new job. Tavo had drill in San Diego, so I knew I was going to be lonely for 2 weeks, and decided I needed to go somewhere warm too. Florida. Only about 5-6 hours to a nice, warm beach--Gulf or Atlantic, I'm fine with both. Discussing at the bar, our friend Richie (see above photo in inner tube) said he was camping with his friends on saturday--did I want to check out Gennie Springs? You bet! Richie and I drove down together, leaving at 6:45 am on saturday morning (pretty impressive, considering he was up until 4 or something friday night!)

The florida welcome center gives you not only free maps, but also Free Juice! Here's our Juice man--he was very cordial.

Richie partook in Orange, I chose Grapefruit.

Onward--here is our campsite.

We met up with Richie's friends from Florida State.


her boyfriend Michael--he's staying hydrated. Smart man!

Michael and his girlfriend, Danielle

So, when are we going to eat?

Veggie hot dog for me!

We tubed all evening, then got started on the real food. First, let's get that fire going.

An appetizer of bread

and molten brie

got the grill going?

I didn't eat it, but it looked good--here's the pork tenderloin

and an especially lousy picture of some delicious potatoes

We had asparagus too, but it was eaten before photo op. But look what else came with dinner!

Patron, salt, and a deck of cards. Things proceeded to get rowdy...

and around 4 am we decided to call it a night.

More pics and tubing tomorrow.


rom said...

buffalodickdy said...

GOOL-DANG-ER, ROY! I want to be young again and do stuff like that!

pinknest said...

what a fun trip! god it looks so gloroius to be in such warm weather.

snowelf said...

Wow!! You guys always have such a great time together!! Esp' loved the last pic. ;)


TavoLini said...

Rom--thanks for sharing!
Buffalo--we are hardly roughing it here--you can definitely come on down
Pink--girl, its supposed to snow here tomorrow! Ridiculous! I moved to the south specifically for the warm weather...
Snow--I liked the last pic too--very apropos after a couple shots of patron ;)