Thursday, December 6, 2007

walk home

I've got a camera phone now. Oh boy. Very exciting! Now you get to see even more documentation of my life--and it's more pixelated! yeah!

Here are some of the views on my walk home from work.

This house just burned recently. It had been abandoned for years, but was still owned, presumably.

Close up of roof. So pixelated, it's hard to understand.

And here's the edge of cemetery. It's quite cool--I'll probably post some more pics at a later time.

I'm headed out to South Dakota tonight. Tavo is going to hold down Atlanta while I'm gone! I hear that they received 9 inches of snow last weekend. Wow. I'm afraid that my blood has thinned to Southern blood--this may be a bit much for me. I packed my long johns, though.

Keeping warm,


The Kept Woman said...

Might I suggest that you quickly invest in a pair of UGGs? They are by far, bar none the BEST investment I've made while living up here.

pinknest said...

oooh i'm excited about the prospect of 9 inches of snow! and i enjoy the new pixelated documentation.

doggybloggy said...

layers, it can never be stressed enough...

buffalodickdy said...

Stay warm, and enjoy your trip!