Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in Detroit

Tavo and I have returned from the Great White North with full bellies and a treasure chest of booty. Here are some of the highlights of our trip.

We left after work and ended up sleeping in Kentucky on the way up. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky? I always associate him with Illinois...

We stayed at the finest of motels, complete with scary shirtless dude in number 16, looking at us through his door. Why would someone have their door open when it's 30 degrees out? We made sure to use the deadbolt and the chain.

We continued on to Detroit the next morning, and got in right around lunchtime. I took Tavo to my old neighborhood, Cass Corridor, and we drove around looking for a good place to eat. Cass Cafe was open--and they serve beer!

Tavo ordered the reuben, and proclaimed it to be excellent.

I ordered the artichoke and spinach melt, with lemon aioli. Wowza, that was tasty!

(so tasty, in fact, that the picture is blurred)

An interesting feature of the Cass Cafe is their super sturdy bathroom stalls--no one is going to sneak in here.

We also ordered "Ghetto Blaster" beer. Don't be fooled by Tavo's joyous face--this beer was LOUSY.

Tavo is perusing the Metro Times, which I used to deliver. Ahh, it's beautiful, but I don't miss the snow!

On to my next favorite place in Detroit, Belle Isle. Belle Isle is a huge island park on the Detroit River in between Windsor, Ontario (Canada) and Detroit. Here are some pictures of the Detroit skyline.

and some birds...

I'm too cold to get out of the car, so let's take a picture of Tavo, looking out the window. Wonder what he's looking at...


and one goose.

Onward to visit Mom and Dad. On Christmas Eve, we had some cocktails before church. What talented bartenders!

hmm, those cocktails are kicking in pretty quickly...

For dinner, we made Christmas pizza. Dad, don't eat all the olives!

Mom and Dad peruse our creation--notice how each family member got their own section to decorate.

Into the oven you go!

Some salad to go with the christmas pizza...

asparagus? sounds good to me. As a neanderthal, I don't bother with niceties like forks.

and it's time to open presents! Here's Tavo, relaxing by the fire.

I'm still posing gangsta style with Little Sister.

Let's go outside and play with Tavo's new jeep.

and look at my new tires

They're "huggers"

Tavo cleaned off my sister's car for her. For his first time brushing snow off a car, he showed a natural's finesse and skill.

And we drove back to Atlanta. Tavo particularly enjoys Cincinnati.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


buffalodickdy said...

1. Your Dad and I could get thrown out of many mutual places in Michigan!
2. Your husband showed the absolute correct response to Cinncinnati.
3. The Reuben was all there, baby!
4. If you're a Wolverine fan, the adoption papers are in the mail!

Tavolini said...

hahaha, awesome! Definitely a U of M fan here, my mom works there :)

doggybloggy said...

lay over here we come...
looks like a nice time with your family

T. said...

Man did those sammiches look good!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Looks like you had a super-fun Christmas :o)

pinknest said...

drinks before church! i like it. and how fun to make a christmas pizza!! i am suspicious of this goose. happy new years!!!