Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen, borrowed from Tommie at Tuesday Update

And, just because...Here is my new favorite drawing I've seen around town.

I have a 12 hour workday today, so I have a feeling I might be a prolific poster today. Breaks from the grind, you know. Here's to 4 hours down!

1. Name someone you love = Tavo

2. Name someone you secretly admire = well...not much of a secret if I'm blabbing it. I'm always impressed by my students--so many of them have overcome great obstacles to make it here in college.

3. Name someone you are annoyed by = haha, well, some of those lovely students can be a bit annoying, too. Cell phones and eating in the library are my biggest pet peeves.

4. Name someone you think is funny = We were watching Mitch Hedberg last night--too funny!

5. Name someone you love to look at = Tavo, my family, my friends--my students when they REALLY understand the concept I'm covering.

6. Name someone you are inspired by = Single mothers

7. Name someone you are saddened by = all the homeless men and women I see on my way to and from work

8. Name someone who gives you hope = my students.

9. Name someone you frequently think well wishes for = my family and friends

10. Name someone you hope to never see again = jeeze, that doesn't seem nice at all

11. Name someone you would love to reunite with = I wish my friends could all live in the same city as me!

12. Name someone you look up to = My parents, my grandparents

13. Name someone you would like to be for a day = Superman. I think the flying bit would be right on.


doggybloggy said...

hey......what about single dads?

Tavolini said...

Doggy--Single fathers, too. And couples who stay together--I'm pretty inspired by any family that's making it work!