Tuesday, December 11, 2007

9 degrees below zero is NO JOKE!

Myself and Little Sister chilling, literally, near a snowbank.

Just got back to Atlanta last night, and was picked up by Tavo, wearing a t-shirt, with the windows wide open to let that 70+ degree Southern breeze in. Wow.

I hadn't been to South Dakota during the winter in a loooong time--and this winter was particularly cold. I flew into Minneapolis and met my sister and mom to drive the rest of the way. I'd worn a couple long sleeve t-shirts, a sweat shirt, a fleece jacket, and then my regular jacket--and I was still shaking. Minnesota wasn't that bad, though--16 degrees.

As we entered the plains, the temperature kept dropping. 5, 4, 0, -2, -5...and this does not include the windchill. I think the coldest it got was right around 10 below--and the warmest was right around 6 degrees. Brrr...the snow sounds different when its that cold out. It squeaks.

Luckily, the roads were clear and the snow wasn't drifting--it was pretty much frozen in place. Had a great time visiting family and will post more pictures as soon as I retrieve them from my camera. This nice, blurry number is from my phone--surprise surprise :)

Glad to be back home in sunny ATL!



doggybloggy said...

damn thats cold...I am concerned since we have a layover in chicago on saturday...I hope it warms up a bit.

tommie said...

That is cold!!

When we moved to Alaska from Oklahoma in mid Nov....there was a 100 degree difference in temps! It was 60 in OK....upon arrival in Fairbanks, it was -40 degrees. My lungs hurt to breathe there!

buffalodickdy said...

It was 34 degrees here yesterday, and I just wore a heavy sweater- no coat!

Tavolini said...

Doggy--as long as it doesn't storm again, you should be fine--hope for that warm weather in New Mexico!

Tommie--Fairbanks?! Isn't that a minute from the Arctic Circle?

Buffalo--I think I need to go sweater shopping at the same place you do! Mine are NEVER that warm :)