Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More peas, some bread, some salad

I did have a great run--I'll post pictures as soon as they get them up online :)

Tavo picked up the CSA this week, and there were a TON of field peas. Lots! Luckily, we are big fans of peas. What better to do after work than plug in your fan, turn up the radio, settle down with your husband to chat and shell peas?

Here's an action shot!

...and some detritus... (and random paint cans we really should dispose of or something)

Cooked peas! We like simple--these are cooked for about 45-60 minutes with caramelized onions and vegetable broth.

We also made a rice / vegetable salad to eat with the peas and to throw on some argula or spinach. This is carrots, peas, celery, field peas and basmati with a sweet sour vinaigrette made from the randoms of my cupboard. Not going to post the recipe unless its any good ;) Basil from the garden chopped on top.

Fresh honey wheat bread--I switched to King Arthur as opposed to my regular Kroger brand wheat and was quite pleased with results. A lighter, tastier bread. Even Tavo mentioned that it tasted better than usual. A $1.50 jump--it might be worth it.

More World Cup this weekend--I've actually become quite obsessed with David Villa. ¡Vamanos EspaƱa!

Have a great week!


Marjie said...

That salad looks good. I love anything with lots of color in it. Your bread looks good, too!

Jenn said...

Peas, please! :) I have the canned variety in my pantry at the moment. I'd love to get my hands on a bunch of fresh ones.