Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baba Ganoush and what do I do with all this squash?!

This week, we received the biggest squash I have ever seen!! Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo. You just have to believe me :) It is all cut up and made into soup now. It's a good thing we (I) like tomato zucchini soup, because I have made it almost every week. I still have 4 huge pitty pans, 3 crooknecks, and one zuke left--so if you have a good squash recipe...

We also received eggplants--some Japanese and one globe. What to do, what to do--I read a few great recipes for eggplant and cheese roll ups, grilled salads, ratatouille...but in the end I decided I'd like to make a dip. Baba Ganoush is one of my favorite middle eastern dips, and I very rarely make it. It is quite easy though, especially if you already have the oven on (for squash pizza, of course!)

First I made the dough for a basic honey wheat bread. Need something to dip, right ;)

I threw the eggplant in with the bread at 375 degrees. Pulled bread and the Japanese eggplants out at 26 minutes and kept the globe in there for about 12-15 more, until it was soft.

Let them cool, and you can scrape the eggplant flesh right out with a spoon.

Into the food processor--looks like some sort of octopus or something, doesn't it? I added the juice of one lemon and a smashed clove of garlic and blended.

Add two T. of hummus, and if you want you can add some cumin and cayenne. It's really a matter of what you prefer.

Not the most picturesque, but wow! That was good. This would be better with parsley chopped on top but someone (me) let their parsley die and had to make do with basil. Odd, but it worked.

Happy Wednesday!


Marjie said...

Use them chopped up with fish, shrimp or meat in packets - BBQ or oven. Saute your squash - I did that in today's post. And don't forget the ever popular zucchini bread! I have a recipe for zucchini cookies if you want it, too. And, if you want, you can shred your squash and freeze it for later use in zucchini bread.

The Blonde Duck said...

Looks good to me! Maybe bread or muffins?