Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is it bad when seeds sprout in between posts?

So, here is our crop. This garden is Tavo's baby. It hasn't rained since the last post, and he has religiously watered these plants every morning and evening. Thanks, babe :)

My apologies because 1. I waited until after dark to take photos (why?) and 2. I'd just sprinkled cayenne pepper on all the seedlings because hungry woodland creatures have been munching on them!

Squash / Zucchini
Green Beans
Sweet Corn (gently blurred)

Other than watching plants grow, we have been experimenting with crockpot yogurt. So, here it is....and it works! Take a half gallon of whole milk, pour it in your crockpot, and cook on low for 3 hours.

This is it prior to cooking, I just thought it was pretty.

After 3 hours, unplug the crockpot and let it just sit for 3 hours. After that, take a cup of yogurt (I used Greek--it doesn't matter, that was just the only small plain yogurt I could find) and mix it with a cup of the warm milk. Pour all back into unplugged crockpot and wrap with beach towel or blanket. Let sit 8 hours.

Uncover and voila! You have yogurt! Best practice--don't mix it like I did. Just take it and put in fridge. It will be a bit runny and less tart than normal yogurt, but quite good. I did take half of it and strain it with a coffee filter in my colander in the fridge overnight. That made it quite thick, like Greek yogurt.

While we were waiting for hours and hours, we made some coffee. We ground beans from our local coffee shop, Joe's, in East Atlanta.
I also made some homemade granola--I used the same recipe as before, with addition of ginger.

All together now.

Happy spring to all of you and let's hope for some rain in Atlanta.


Marjie said...

It's been pretty rainy up here; I'll send you some. Lucky you, with sprouts in a week. I dare not plant before the end of April, and will be lucky to have sprouts in 2 weeks.

And, if you're growing lettuce, spread used coffee grounds around it to keep the slugs out. They OD on the caffeine. You can also pour boiling water on weeds to kill them, but that can be tricky near the real plants!

Cynthia said...

I too have been making my own yogurt and granola!