Thursday, April 8, 2010

It rained last night

After the rain, the sun came out. Tavo took these pictures right before the sun set. As I'm posting the second post about plants in two days, I'm struck that this blog is probably slightly ridiculous. At any rate--witness the life! (with sprinkled cayenne)

This the exact same bean plant whose stem barely broke the surface of the soil, yesterday.


squash / zucchini
Another baby cacti
The gardener and photographer


The Blonde Duck said...

I love the sprout emerging into the sun!

Jenn said...

Lovely!! I'm glad their sprouting.

tommie said...

Love this! We grow a 'pizza garden'.....tomatoes, basil, peppers etc

jesse said...

Ahhh! Cute ickle baby leaves pushing out of the dirt... love it!

Marjie said...

Those sprouts come up fast when you get rain and then a little bit of heat! Mine aren't even in the ground yet, and I'll be pushing it to plant on May 1.

buffalodick said...