Thursday, November 12, 2009

More variations on my favorite foods--pizza and soup

I usually read Atlanta Journal Constitution writer, John Kessler's, food blog. So when I stumbled on his review of Antico Pizza Napolatana I knew we NEEDED to try this joint. Unfortunately, I didn't bring the camera, so this is an "after" picture. Wow, wow, wow this place is good. Different than what I'm used to--there is one big table that everyone sits around, and a counter by the windows if the big table is full. Also, I hear there is a table in the kitchen, but we didn't go back to check it out. It's quite authentic, in that pretty much everyone spoke Italian and the flour, tomatoes, and other ingredients are imported. It is currently byob, so we sipped on some wine I just happened to have in the car.
We will definitely be back to have more pizza from here. Great atmosphere and the pizza is top notch. In other exciting news--look at this cute little Beaujolais! I love the mini bottles, the screw tops and I adore beaujolais :) Perfect for a picnic. Or to take to Antico Pizza.

Otherwise, we have been eating vegetable soup this week. This is such a painfully easy soup, I feel like Sandra Lee. Is it cheating to post something this easy? Sautee your onion, celery and any other vegetables you have (green pepper would have been good)
Add a couple chopped potatoes and broth to cover, cook down until potatoes are tender. Then add a bag of frozen vegetables and a can of cream of ______ soup. I used cream of mushroom, but I think cream of celery might be better. Easy food.
Baked a loaf of bread to go along with the soup. It's the "Classic White Bread" recipe from Electric Bread, with a cup of wheat flour subbed for one cup of AP flour.

Some parsley from the garden, and we're in business. With fresh bread, heels are the best! They always disappear first.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!


Marjie said...

Simple and easy is best! In colder weather, I can't think of anything I like better than soup. I like subbing wheat flour for white. Have you tried the King Arthur White Whole Wheat? With a house full of picky weasel sons, it's a good way to sneak wheat bread into them!

And your fresh herbs would work in my Italian dressing, because the vinegar preserves them. Try it; I think you'll love it!

Jenn said...

There's nothing wrong with simple. Simple is my moto. Not really, but i do love simple recipes. ;-D Besides soup is always a great go-to meal.

TavoLini said...

Marjie--I haven't tried King Arthur. Honestly, I usually get White Lilly unbleached AP and then just get the no-brand wheat. I have gotten name brand wheat before, but didn't see enough difference to justify the additional cost.

I'm totally going to try your dressing this weekend!

Jenn--Simple is my motto sometimes, too ;)

TavoLini said...

Marjie--I mis-read your comment. White-wheat flour! That's neat, I haven't even seen it in the stores down here. Does it rise pretty well or is it kind of dense, like whole wheat flour?

Anonymous said...

Easy simple meals are the best especially before the holidays! I love that mini Beaujolais bottle!

doggybloggy said...

marjie cracks me up - picky weasel sons- anyway - "good thing you had wine in the car" now thats a ready scout - the pizza does look good. Soups on in a big way now that the weather has turned - but I secretly am planning tons of chiles and curries (masalas or what ever you want to call them)

Marjie said...

The white wheat is a little lighter, but I put it in a bowl and stir it good to aerate it before I measure. I've only noticed King Arthur brand, and someone in Florida first told me about it. It does rise really nicely, and it has the wheat flavor. I always add a little extra gluten with wheat flour, and that helps a lot.

tommie said...

I really did laugh at the "good thing I had wine in the car" ...

Note to self: add wine to emergency things I keep in the car.

ps, your bread always make my mouth water. I would love to sit in your kitchen and watch you make some one day!

TavoLini said...

5 star--I can't wait to see your Thanksgiving menu!!!

Doggy--I've been stocking up on curry recipes, too. Cynthia has a great roti tutorial that I plan on attempting this weekend ;)

Marjie--I'm going to check that flour out. I've used gluten before, but never thought to aerate--I love these blogs, I learn so much!

Tommie--oh dear, I used to have a secret compartment in my pickup that I always kept a bottle of vodka in. Is this bad? It came in handy when the truck broke down ;)

buffalodick said...

Simple soup- done well, and what looked like a perfect loaf of bread- I'd have that any day of the week!

urban vegan said...

Can't beat soup! Ever!