Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a beautiful autumn..and azaleas (!!)

It has been ridiculously gorgeous here! We had such a cold and rainy October--I definitely wasn't expecting hot and sunny weekends in November. To celebrate, I ran another race on Saturday. This was was the "Run for Justice" to support the Atlanta Legal Aid Society. A few of my friends are attorneys at Atlanta Legal Aid (and they also both won their age group!) I came in about 5 minutes behind them ;) Here are some photos, I didn't include my friends because you know how gorgeous running photos are..

(notice the AWESOME paint steez)
beauty queen :)

Look at the dog!!

We aren't the only ones surprised by the sudden warm weather--everyone's azaleas are blooming!! I have never seen them bloom in the fall before...have you?
The can man makes a cameo ;)


Marjie said...

We had a dog in a wheelchair once. It's really tough to manage them. I'm jealous of your azaleas. But it's still 50 degrees here! And to think, last year at this time there was that *expletive deleted* white stuff on the ground, and it had been flying for 3 weeks!

girlichef said...

Good job!! Again, not a runner...but those who are, I admire :D I love the orb surrounding the people in the left on the first pic! And yeah...bulbs are pushing through the earth in these parts...crazy!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love the running dog! Kudos to you!

buffalodick said...

We had a good Oct. and 10 pretty nice days in Nov., but I think it's over now..

Katherine Aucoin said...

Isn't it funny when the plants get confused by the weather? We've been having gorgeous weather too.

I'm so impressed with all of the running you are doing Lini!

Anonymous said...

The blooming azaleas are so pretty and I love the picture of the dog running, so cute!

Alexander said...

How long are these races? Man, I feel like a looser more and more when I see these races... wow... !