Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh yes, we have plumbing!!!

It's been a GREAT weekend--I ran a half marathon, Tavo has the cement backer down on the kitchen floor, our fridge, stove and fence are soon arriving, and OH YEAH--we have plumbing!! (no hot water yet, but jeeze, who cares??)

Work is coming along quickly on the red house--this was last week; currently they have the roof completed and new shingles. Hurray!

Meanwhile, we plug away at our current residence. Here's Tavo, grouting our new glass tile counter.

...a bandito stakes out the scene....

Not just any old bandito. A DRYWALL BANDITO!

After all this madness, I honestly have really REALLY slacked on my training, but I'd already paid the fee so I decided to go ahead and run the ING Atlanta Half Marathon on Sunday. Here's the pre-race eats. Chianti for me, Rogue ale for Tavo. Rosemary sourdough, jalapeƱo cilantro hummus, and "cave aged" gruyere. "Cave Aged" is the best adjective, ever.

Race goods--bars, peanuts, popcorn. I decided to run in my long sleeved Detroit shirt--it was 37 chilly degrees the morning of the race.

This girl doesn't care that its 5:45 am, 37 degrees, and she is about to run 13 miles. This is my "finishing strong" pose.

I did it! Though I went so terribly slowly I'm reluctant to post my time, let it be known that I was happy and jolly for the first 10 miles...then finally my lack of preparation hit. Pure stubbornness got me though, and I ran all but about 5 minutes of the race. I definitely ran the entire last mile! ("ran" being a synonym for "shuffled painfully.")

Ever the hard worker, Tavo laid the cement backer throughout the kitchen. We plan on tiling tomorrow.
Now...the moment you have all been waiting for. PLUMBING! Look at our gorgeous sink fixtures!! (please ignore the lovely blue accents on our wall)

Our enticing bathroom fixtures!
The finished bathroom--well, without paint and mirrors and shelving...but you get the idea.
Finally, our brand new hot water heater. Which will work soon as we get some electric wiring over in that direction. Slight oversight, but hey--cold showers are invigorating :)


Maggie said...

Yeah for plumbing and you finishing the run (and rocking the Turkey Trot shirt)!! I really love the look of the bathroom!

doggybloggy said...

cool all around....great job on running it should inspire me but it doesnt.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Congrats on the race and oh the joys of plumbing!

Anette said...

Oh I've been there working with a house which step by step gets the way you want! Yesterday I watched a vhs tape from when we bought our house, and realized how much work we have done with it. When you have lived without a kitchen or plumbing for a while, you really REALLY appreciate it when you get it don't you agree?

buffalodick said...

Congrats on 1/2 marathon! When I was your age I did a few, along with Grand Rapids nationally known River Run(25K).. House is lookin' good!

Katherine Aucoin said...

Wow your house is coming along nicely and I hope you have hot water soon. I love the glass tile on the counters. Looks like you two have been watching a lot of HGTV! Congrats on finishing the race!

jesse said...

WELL DONE YOU!!! How awesome are you guys? Running a marathon in the midst of rebuilding a house?? Craziness! You totally deserve that medal!

The Blonde Duck said...

You make me tired. Running a marathon, putting in tile and concrete? AND drywall?

I need a nap.

tommie said...

The bandito shots made me think of the "Skippyjon Jones" books! LOL

Next...the run after all the man..oops, the woman! Anyone who can drink a little wine, cheese and bread and then run, I think I might have a new hero!

Selba said...


Great job! Seriously, I'm so amazed how two of you managed to do it by your own without any carpenter nor professional help :D

TavoLini said...

Maggie--thanks! I like how it looks too--very clean and classic. I always try to rep Detroit in the big races :)

Doggy--Once they post the pics of me during the race, I'll put one up. The face of pain :P

Mary--you know it! Nothing is more beautiful than a working toilet.

Anette--DEFINITELY!! That's great that you guys recorded it on VHS :) We're putting together a photo album.

Buffalo--That's awesome! There is a Detroit marathon in October that I'm considering...

Katherine--thanks! I'm pleased with the tile, too. It was completely Tavo's idea--worked well!

Jesse--thanks! I wore it for two full days. And I still put it on when I come home from work ;)

Blonde--Me too, lol. When we do sit down to watch a movie--I'm out in 5 minutes flat. I haven't seen the end of a movie in months.

Tommie--oooh!! I need that eye mask!!

Selba--thanks! We did hire a plumber and we're having an electrician come tonight. The plan is, though, to learn as much as we can--hopefully without messing up the house too much ;)

Chef E said...

Great wines I see...and I have done the grout thing many a day in my life! Running, well I run to the phone does that count, lol!

Alexander said...

Where you find the energy to work and do this too, wow! I'm constantly impressed.

But what will you do when the house is done? Will you buy more houses?

TavoLini said...

Chef--it counts! Don't worry, the house stays orange ;)

Alex--we're going to rent it. Maybe buy another house in a year or two--this has really been MUCH more work than we realized...

pinknest said...

god bless plumbing, cave aged, and that pretty sink and fixtures.