Thursday, May 26, 2011

New settee and a cool local song

It's pouring here, and I'm lucky I was able to bike home in between the storms. First up, this is a video from our good friends Ty-vicious and Baka, along with Supernova. Very cool song--check it out and keep your ears open for their next show--these guys are going places.

It's awesome, right?

News: We have a new piece of furniture (!!!!)

This is very exciting! I inherited the vast majority of our furniture--and it is beautiful. All antiques, every single piece in my house has a story from my parents, my grandparents, and my great grandparents. I am very lucky to have a nice old house that works well with nice old furniture. I love it...but, I have to admit, it is quite fun to actually pick out and purchase a piece of furniture. We had a room (in our quite small house) that only had one chair in it. It was ridiculous, only one person could sit in the entire room! Silly.

So I needed to find a teeny, tiny couch of sorts, so that we could have a conversation in the room. (and at least sit more than one person ;) Behold the powers of craigslist--here is our brand new hand carved settee (complete with gold strands in the fabric because I love loud and gaudy, always)

Requisite "relaxing" pose, complete with loud, gaudy toenail polish ;)

I love it! Hope it stops raining so we can chill by the pool tomorrow....but if it keeps raining, perhaps I'll relax on the settee.

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snowelf said...

Ooo, I love it too!! It's absolutely perfect for stretching out on a rainy day. :)