Sunday, May 15, 2011

Grant Park Farmer's Market and enjoying the outdoors

It definitely feels like summer in Atlanta. Like the kind of day where you might just spend an hour watching lady bugs climb in the clover.

The kind of day where you have a beer and read a book, with a bit of luck. (but don't read this book--its actually quite awful)

Visited our friends--they are building one heck of shed. Check out their back yard, and keep in mind that they live only 3 miles from downtown Atlanta. Wild, huh?

I biked over to the inaugural Sunday for the Grant Park Farmer's Market. It was a zoo, but I managed to score some H&F Bread (sourdough!). This bread is so, so, so good. They have it at at a few of our favorite restaurants here in Atlanta, like the Krog Bar. I also picked up some goat cheese from Decimal Place Farm. Wow, this cheese is great--perfect to spread on toast or put in your salads. I'm glad I got the larger size. I grabbed a bunch of radishes, too. All the goods for a radish sandwich.

Or two :)
Happy belated Mother's Day to all of you fantastic moms out there.


rockywash said...

is the market open weekends?

Marjie said...

A nice, lazy spring weekend, before it gets too hot in Atlanta. Perfect!