Thursday, February 24, 2011

Staining the deck and Caracas--all night pictures

We've had a few good weeks here--absolutely amazing weather. Last Sunday (we had to wait until Sunday because of Atlanta's water restriction) we powerwashed the deck and our steps. Now, I know you aren't "supposed" to powerwash the deck, but it had a thick layer of greenish blackish murk on it and I think the wood will be fine. So, in the evenings, after work, I've been staining until its too dark to see. Here are the rails and spindles:

...and here is the completed deck.

We'll get some daylight pictures this weekend ;) Meanwhile, Gustavo dusted off his suit and is headed to...

Caracas, Venezuela! He's there for a couple days--just a quick trip for work. If all goes well, though, we may have an opportunity to go down together in the future. He got in at 2 am, so here are just a few quick photos he shot last night.

(the floor!!! I love the crazy floor!!)

More to come.

1 comment:

Marjie said...

The mysterious man in the dark suit and shades, right there in your house!

Hope your deck turns out OK. Maybe you should have sprayed bleach on it to kill the mold?