Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Burger boutiques

Hello guys! As you may be able to guess, I haven't been making any new dishes lately. Still cooking, more so than usual, but its all the same old. Here's one new recipe that is perfect for winter and will likely go into our regular rotation. (sorry--still phone pics until we fix camera)

Gigantes in Tomato Sauce. I based my recipe on Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska's just changing regular dried lima beans for gigantes, and subbing peppers in adobo for the aleppo & tomato paste. Served over sourdough toast w/ cheese.

We've also been partaking in the rash of burger boutiques that have popped up in Atlanta. We both liked Decatur's Farm Burger though it was not our favorite. (and I forgot to take pictures!!) Pros: large burgers, decent fries, good beer selection and I like the quinoa based veggie burger. Neat texture, if still a bit mushy. Cons: Gustavo's burger was a hair overcooked and its kind of far from our house. So, if you're in the Decatur area, this is definitely a good place to go!

Gustavo's favorite? Yeah! Burger. He is a huge fan of the bison burger and the gluten free bun. I like that you can get an order of half onion rings and half fries, as I am the onion ring fan in this relationship ;) And yes, the onion rings are top notch.

Inexpensive beer and a nice patio are bonuses too. I had a bad experience with my veggie burger, but we're going to go back and try again. It's made from local red peas, so that is an exciting new ingredient.

My favorite? Wonderful World Burgers near Emory. They don't have a page right now, but what a cool little place. First--their burgers are much smaller than their counterparts. The menu is smaller and they don't focus on organic quite as much. BUT I really liked it :) $2.75 burger, $3 craft beer? I'm on it.

So that's pretty much what we've been eating lately, with the regular soups, salads and beans in rotation.

Hope everyone is having a great February!

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