Friday, February 18, 2011

70's and sunny

It's getting warmer down here--granted, its probably temporary....but hey, any time I can have my windows and doors flung open in February, I'll take it! Here is my lovely husband and the gladiolas from Valentines..

..a simple snack of pimento cheese and saltines...

..and a blurry photo of some veggie tacos. Don't worry, I made steak ones for Gustavo. (He ate the broccoli on his own accord!)

This song just came on the radio and how cool is it?! I hadn't heard the acoustic version before. Colin Hay from Men at Work.

May as well round it out--here's another Men at Work song. They were fairly recently fined quite a large amount over this song--apparently the flute riff was from "Kookaburra sits by the old gum tree." I don't know--personally, I think they changed it up enough. What do you think?


Marjie said...

Love the nice high ceilings in your house! My dearly beloved is wall-color-phobic, so I have to settle for accent colors. I have gotten him to love wallpaper patterns in some rooms!

TavoLini said...

This color would seem right up your alley :) Both Gustavo and I are fans of BRIGHT color--my mom helped me pick out the orange for the kitchen. The whole house is painted in very warm colors--we bought and painted it in December, so needed some sort of heat!