Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Second to last day...and the art!! Wow.

As we headed back East from the Grand Canyon, our minds were completely blown by all these wheat pastes. All right--all of you from our gorgeous SouthWest...who is this guy? He / She is phenomenal. I don't even want to taint it with words.

We found most of this art within a hundred miles or so from here:

Perspective...my head reaches the bottom of the window. These are truly awesome.

(my favorite)

Some food, too. Tacos Los Altos in Flagstaff, AZ. Holy cow. For a tiny little taco shop off the interstate, this was fantastic! No web address, but please visit it if you're headed down US 66.

Fish tacos...
Barbacoa--Tavo said it was off the chain.

Hey, you can sleep in a wigwam.

We hit a storm while heading east...

We spent the night in El Paso. Ready to drive across Texas to meet Tavo's sister in Houston.
(unrelated--wow!! They are pulling up the first Chilean miner!)


Haiku Ambulance said...

Wow. Seriously. That art is freaking incredible. INCREDIBLE!

I want people on my house, too. And conehead dogs.

And yesplease Freaks and Geeks. Thanks for saying hello.

Also, has anyone ever told Tavo that he looks exactly like Dave Eggers? He does. And that is also freaking incredible.


Jenn said...

Now i really want to go on a road trip. Get me out of California for a little bit. :)

ps...I want some fish tacos!!

TavoLini said...

Haiku--awesome! yeah, I'm hoping someone knows who the artist is--we both we so excited that we slammed on the brakes and screeched off the road without even checking traffic ;)

Jenn--come on out! Your state is so beautiful, you could do quite an awesome mini trip when your schedule eases up :)

Marjie said...

I've seen those storms rolling across the plain. They are amazing!