Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Illy Issimo Coffee and the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon

Recently,we received three different types of Illy Issimo coffee to sample. Both Tavo and I tried all three--we also gave samples to his 17 year old nephew, my Italian coworker and a few of our early 30's aged friends.

Overall verdict? Everyone loved them.

Tavo and I rarely purchase prepared coffee because of the price and, for me, because they often have so many calories. The Illy Caffe' (Italian espresso style coffee drink) only has 50 calories, and this was what I liked best, as did Maria, my Italian coworker. She actually went to the nearby health food store and told them they needed to start stocking this! We both like that the ingredients are just coffee and sugar, and that its a nice small size, yet the perfect amount of coffee.

Aaron, Gustavo's nephew, preferred the Latte. He is a big fan of energy drinks and usually gets the Monster Coffee Flavored kind. He said the Illy had a better coffee flavor, though price and size were his biggest sways. Thank you very much Illy!

The other cool thing that happened recently was the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon! My friend, Dona, and I decided to do this way back in July, to keep us running and training through the summer months. The weather was perfect, the water warm, and the race was FLAT! I actually got my best time ever--2:10:43. Very good for me :) Here are some photos, courtesy of

(and a little photo to showcase my lack of MS Paint steez)
Clock time was 2:11:12, my chip time was 2:10:43. Hooray!

We make 13.1 miles look like a cakewalk, huh?


Marjie said...

Congrats on finishing another mini marathon! You earned that Illo coffee! And Myrtle Beach is one of my favorite places.

Jenn said...

Good job on finishing the marathon!!! I love the little super hero drawing. hehehe...

I once worked at a production company and the only coffee they ever drank was by illy. THey are tasty aren't they.

snowelf said...

You did Awesome!! I've been so proud of myself because I can now run 20 minutes without stopping (or dying). Someday...someday I might even be a true runner. :)

And for the coffee--50 calories is perfect!!